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The Decline Of Brands And Why I Hate Content Curation

A recent Adweek Infographic indicates the decline of consumer brand loyalty as represented by factors that include a decline in the interest of people in sharing information about a brand.


At the risk of leaning on causality instead of correlation I want to throw out this might in some small part be based on or at least not helped by the growing brand dependence on using curated content to connect with people.  It was initially thrilling that companies found interesting ways to collect and distribute content with a tangential connection to their customers but, please stop (or at least slow down).

We want customers to have a strong relationship with our brands and yet we send them shite that is only lightly connected to our brand?  If you look at brands that have used social and digital to create deeper connections you’ll find nary a curated piece among them.  Red Bull, Zappos, IBM, and others like them depend on connection experiences that are based entirely on products, and more importantly at times, product experiences that give us deeper insight into their brands.  Red Bull is an odd one since its brand is now of course more about a thrill-seeking lifestyle than a caffeinated beverage but regardless they nail it every time.




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