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Back to the Future of Long Form Video from Toyota

Toyota released a five minute video from Doga5 that brings together a real-life Doc Brown, the movie Doc Brown Christopher Lloyd, and Michael J. Fox. The Toyota scientist (a Back To The Future geek), introduces Lloyd and Fox to a Toyota hydrogen fuel car that runs fundamentally the same way the DeLorean does when Doc returns from October 21, 2015 (the date of the video release).

The video is a wonderful mix of Lloyd and Fox chatting about how much the movie predicts the future, the science of the Hydrogen car, and nice patter between the Toyota scientist and actors. All in all it just keeps on proving how valuable these long-form videos are for informing people about products that require consideration.

Bravo Toyota and Droga5!

Call Of Duty Long Form

We’ve been on a rant the last few years pressing clients and prospects on producing long form video. Call Of Duty has produced a really nice new 2 1/2 minute piece with actor Peter Stormare (Fargo and Seinfeld) as The Replacer.

In a nice shift in tone Call Of Duty goes with funny as opposed to hyper-violent.

Again, we just don’t know why more aren’t building long-form when they seem to work so well.

Gangham Style Marketing

Gangham Style has brought in over 15 million in revenue for Korean Pop Star Psy over the last three months.  This includes: music sales, ad sales, concert tickets, tv appearances and commercials.

Anyone looking to build a spike in their marketing plan would do well to follow Psy and the K-pop studios cranking out these new stars.

The brilliant use of social and a manic, but methodical, amplification of the initial social success should be inspiring.  The K-pop have done persistent well with their Korean Stars but really did it right when they hit big with Psy.  A hit followed by a military style expansion, all in a matter of weeks.

Difficult to repeat as evidenced by the fact that Psy is the first K-pop artist to break through in the states but really solid.

The Greatest Billboard Of All Time!



It’s difficult to describe all the ways in which this sandwich board is brilliant.  Let’s try three:

1) It’s brutally honest.  We expect marketers to mostly hide from the truth but here’s someone being quite frank.

2) It’s funny.  We like things and people that are funny.  Putting this message on the sandwich board makes us want to hang around with the people who run this shop.  Regardless of the quality of the food.

3) The guy who wrote the review must be a bit of a douche and it probably wasn’t the sandwich that drove the review.  Somehow their willingness to put this message on the board makes us think that they must actually think their food is pretty good and that actually the jag-off who wrote it just had another issue that ticked him off.  

Since these people are so funny and we’re all so clever and appreciative of their humor we’re sure we wouldn’t be like the jerk and would actually have a great time here.  Can’t imagine there are any brands out there that wouldn’t learn a lesson in customer communication from these guys.  

Old McDonald Had a Frigging Great Billboard. Again.

I realize their food is the poster child of all that’s wrong with this country but damn they do good outdoor.

This new one in Stockholm let’s you play pong on the giant board through your phone.  If you last :30 or more you get coupon for free McDonald’s treat of your choice.  They also map it to the closest store so it’s nice and immediate. It may just be me but the McDonald’s workers at the store in the video are the best looking, fittest staff I’ve ever seen.  It’s possible everyone in Stockholm is good looking and thin but any chance they are plants for the video?

McDonald’s also did this brilliant SunDial billboard.   As the sun moves across the sky it reflects down on a different McDonald’s food as the morning progresses.

What’s the relevance to social?  Seriously?

They aren’t doing these exercises because a

few thousand play pong or see the sundial.  It’s because millions see them online when people

take pictures and post them.  It’s outdoor as social content.

Good stuff from Ronald

Iceland and the greatest tourism video ever.

A great tourism video for Iceland was released recently:

It’s fun, Bjork-like I guess, and longish-form.  It will get distributed socially, get tons of links and inevitably do wonderful in natural search results.  It’s perfect.  Every time I see one of these, like the Johnnie Walker video, I am perplexed why more brands don’t tackle long form video.  It’s great for social, digital, search, brand awareness, brand reinforcement, consideration, employee satisfaction, and probably another dozen or so marketing benefits.

So come on marketers, get off your asses.  They’re hard to do well but worth it.

Can Marketing Walk On Water?

If you haven’t seen the video from Hi-Tec on Youtube I would highly recommend taking a look:

It’s brilliant for about a dozen different reasons. It’s really funny. It’s really inspiring. It made me like Hi-Tec.

Like the Johnny Walker video we referenced in an earlier post this has got to be a part of where we’re headed.

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