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Back to the Future of Long Form Video from Toyota

Toyota released a five minute video from Doga5 that brings together a real-life Doc Brown, the movie Doc Brown Christopher Lloyd, and Michael J. Fox. The Toyota scientist (a Back To The Future geek), introduces Lloyd and Fox to a Toyota hydrogen fuel car that runs fundamentally the same way the DeLorean does when Doc returns from October 21, 2015 (the date of the video release).

The video is a wonderful mix of Lloyd and Fox chatting about how much the movie predicts the future, the science of the Hydrogen car, and nice patter between the Toyota scientist and actors. All in all it just keeps on proving how valuable these long-form videos are for informing people about products that require consideration.

Bravo Toyota and Droga5!

The Beauty of Barbershops

I don’t know how any marketer can see this video and not feel inspired to make something long form about the craft of their products.

Interesting how we can know more about something like Barbering or the history of Johnnie Walker than how our 20-40k cars are made when we buy them.

Shame on any auto-marketer who isn’t crafting long-form to explain how they’re doing it differently.

Gangham Style Marketing

Gangham Style has brought in over 15 million in revenue for Korean Pop Star Psy over the last three months.  This includes: music sales, ad sales, concert tickets, tv appearances and commercials.

Anyone looking to build a spike in their marketing plan would do well to follow Psy and the K-pop studios cranking out these new stars.

The brilliant use of social and a manic, but methodical, amplification of the initial social success should be inspiring.  The K-pop have done persistent well with their Korean Stars but really did it right when they hit big with Psy.  A hit followed by a military style expansion, all in a matter of weeks.

Difficult to repeat as evidenced by the fact that Psy is the first K-pop artist to break through in the states but really solid.

YouTube Ceiling Tile Videos Will Set You Free!

Great write-up by Baljeet Singh, the Group Product Manager at YouTube, about how people use the network.

Interesting Stat number 1: three times more people search for “How-To” videos than “Music Videos”.

Of course most people just search for the artist or song over the generic “music video” expression but the same is true for a search for what you’re trying to do over the generic expression “How-To” so the point holds.

Interesting Stat number 2: Cellume, a company that produces ceiling tile videos, has seen over a million views.  Over a million views of ceiling tile videos.

Note to client and agency looking for a viral video concept.  Are all the basic, instructional, relevant videos produced and in place on YouTube?  If they aren’t then do not bring up the V word until they are.  Now go and do likewise.

College Kids and the TV Set

Some pretty compelling, and not surprising data, about college-age consumption of video content shows that 91% is consumed on Laptops.  Plenty still gets watched on TV sets but if you were a betting man/woman you’ve got to figure this trend just marches relentlessly forward.  

Wonder how cheap flat screens will have to get for Millenials to fill their apt’s/condos/houses with them in the future when they watch most of their content on laptops?  At some point they would seem to be like landline phones.  You might need one to cover off the basic social movie watching need but beyond that they’re overkill.